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CI provides an array of services to IDD individuals in their own homes, in our facilities and in places of work. Oftentimes referred to as “Periodic Services”, they are valuable and meaningful to the community integration process. Respecting the functioning level in the community of each individual, each service is tailored to that person.

Supported Employment

The purpose of Supported Employment is to provide assistance with choosing, acquiring, and maintaining a job for individuals for whom competitive employment has not been achieved and or has been interrupted or intermittent. Activities include pre-job training/education and development activities, assistance in developing and operating a micro-enterprise, coaching and employment support activities and providing technical support to potential employers regarding ADA accommodations and requirements. It is designed to encourage an increase in independence with gradual reduction of service. Activities also include ongoing coaching activities, assistance, counseling and guidance for micro-enterprise operators and transportation to and from work.

Personal Care

Personal Care Services (PCS) help persons with their activities of daily living through the provision of hands-on assistance provided by a direct service aide in the individual’s home. PCS helps individuals remain as independent as possible in the least restrictive setting. Specific living skills addressed may include bathing, dressing, mobility, toileting or eating. It also includes assistance with home management, meal preparation, self- administration of medication, and use of durable medical equipment. This service is supervised by a Registered Nurse.

Supported Living

This service provides a flexible partnership that supports the individual to live in his/her own (non-licensed) home with help from Community Innovations. This arrangement may include a live-in caregiver. Direct assistance is given as needed with activities of daily living, household chores essential to the health and safety of the individual, budget management, attending appointments and interpersonal and social skill-building to enable the individual to live in a home in the community. Activities include teaching, supervision, and assistance (if needed) to support the person to participate in home life or community activities. It also can involve assistance with monitoring health status and physical condition and assistance with transferring, ambulation and use of special mobility devices.

Residential Supports

Those living in waiver group homes or AFLs sometimes need intensive training in habilitation and personal care needs such as personal grooming, cleanliness, bed-making, household chores, eating, food preparation and social skills to adapt to a non-institutional setting.


Caregivers for IDD individuals, be they AFL providers or family members, need periodic relief from the rigors of caring for their loved one. Our staff can offer this relief.

Community Living and Supports

This service supports the person to live successfully in his/her own home, the home of his/her family (or other natural supports) and be an active member of his/her community. It is designed to support individuals to move towards less dependence on other paid supports by learning new skills and retaining skills to maintain health and safety. It is a new blended service which combines current Personal Care, In Home Skill Building and Intensive In-Home services. Activities/tasks include learning new skills and/or improvement of existing skills, supervision and assistance for the individual to complete activities to his/her level of independence, technical assistance to unpaid supports who live in the home of the individual to assist the individual to maintain the skills they have learned. This service is provided in the home, community or home of the staff.

“We want to express how happy we are with the attention, services and care provided to our son.”
- Parent