Day Activities

Community Innovations operates the following day activity programs:


All of our ICF/IDD consumers, unless in public schools, attend day treatment programs consistent with their residential settings. Activities may include

Community Networking

Included in this service are day activities that support the individual’s definition of a meaningful day in integrated community settings. The purpose is to maximize participation in community life while developing natural supports. This includes training and education in self-determination and self-advocacy, use of public transportation and inclusion in a broad range of community settings that encourage the development of community connections.

ADVP/Adult Developmental Vocational Program

ADVP is a day program which provides organized developmental activities for adults with developmental disabilities to prepare the individual to live as independently as possible. There are opportunities for the Individual’s enjoyment of leisure activities, the development of community living skills, vocational adjustment, work activity training and personal skill development.

Day Supports

Day Supports include activities in a setting separate from residential settings, typically in groups that are age- and support-need appropriate depending on the preference of the individual. These typically occur in non-integrated settings. Activities include acquisition, retention or improvement of socialization and daily living skills. This service supports the individual in development of skills, interests and talents and provides for the development of pre-vocational skills. This service is designed to enhance access to community activities.

“Community Innovations has been a life saver for me and my family.”
- Consumer Parent