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Risk Management

Community Innovations embraces the culture that we will endeavor to accomplish our mission, but we will do it thoughtfully and safely.

Our Risk Management Department reviews all components of service delivery to ensure we follow our policies and those of regulatory agencies. Quality Management and Improvement staff view all company processes through the filter of maximizing the experiences of our consumers, while minimizing risks to the consumers, staff and company.

Staff training is an important component of Risk Management. Each staff person completes initial training in IDD and corporate ethics prior to working with consumers. As well as general training like Fire Safety, Traffic Safety, CPR, First Aid, Blood-Borne Pathogens and HIPAA, there is training specific to the individual consumer including treatment planning, dietary restrictions, medical issues, behavioral techniques and others as needed to support IDD consumers.

Compliance with the myriad federal, state and local laws, rules and regulations requires training, quality improvement reviews and internal audits. In addition to the requirements for service delivery from the MCOs, Division of MH/DD/SA, Division of Medical Assistance and the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), we also adhere to standards of OSHA, HIPAA, the Department of Labor, and more. Community Innovations tries to provide protocols for following all the rules in a common sense manner. We emphasize the need for each staff’s engagement in the culture that “we do things right and we do things well” through adherence to the Community Innovations’ Code of Ethics and operations policies. Monthly reviews and periodic reminders are conducted to assure compliance with all policies and rules. Staff and consumers are asked to complete questionnaires to provide feedback so that we might improve our processes. In addition, the company maintains a Toll-Free Hot Line for anonymous use by any staff member, consumer or family member to report behaviors that violate the code of ethics or other rule. Community Innovations stresses compliance from the very first day of employment until well after employment by encouraging completion of a post-employment questionnaire.

Insurance Coverage is a component of Risk Management. Community Innovations is fully insured for risks to property, general liability, professional liability and worker’s compensation.

In order to improve our performance, several standing committees for staff and consumers meet on a regular basis:

  • Self-Advocacy - consumer driven to identify ways to enhance their personal lives and give voice to all company consumers
  • Risk and Safety – within each program and at the company level
  • Compliance – with government regulations and our policies
  • Human Rights – to ensure we treat everyone as we would want to be treated
  • Executive Impact – budgets and financial results are a necessary fact of life
  • Program Managers – communication and feedback provide ongoing direction
  • Quality Assurance/Management/Improvement – structured data-gathering for improvement
  • Clinical and Peer Reviews – there may be a better way; let’s look for it

In addition, company employees attend numerous MCO-sponsored meetings and trainings.

“It takes a lot of stress off of me knowing that my son is in good hands if ever I couldn’t be there in time of need.”
- Parent