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Community Innovations, Inc. (CI) was established in 1988 to address the needs of North Carolina’s intellectually and developmentally disabled (IDD) population under the referral and triage care of the many Area Programs for Mental Health/Developmental Disabilities/Substance Abuse governmental agencies in the state. Our initial niche was to serve individuals with difficult housing and behavior issues that posed a challenge to government agencies. It still is. The government agencies have morphed into Managed Care Organizations (MCO) who depend on CI to serve those most in need.

In successfully doing so, our management and behavioral professionals built an organization focused on patient growth and independence based on very “individual” needs. To be sure, we cannot raise an IDD person’s IQ; no one can. But we can and do train the individual through structured treatments to achieve incremental independence and community involvement. Our model of care is a progression of housing and community activities that result in gradually less-restrictive environments for each individual as they are able. Moreover, individuals enjoy a quality of life they may not have previously experienced and their families enjoy the security that their loved ones, are progressing toward a better life.

This CONTINUUM of less supervision and more independence enhances each person’s sense of self. It is not unusual in our experience for a person to move from a state institution for IDD individuals to a six-bed community ICF/IDD to a three-bed Innovations Waiver home to a supervised apartment or quasi-foster care home (which we call Alternative Family Living or AFL) to living at home with professional supports. That is why we provide all these services except state institutions.

We advocate for IDD persons statewide. CI is a founding member of the Developmental Disabilities Facilities Association (DDFA), a trade organization dedicated to advocacy and patient care and of Rubicon Management, Inc., a non-profit administrative services company, which ensures fair payment rates for IDD providers. As such, we have access to and the respect of state leaders, including those in the General Assembly and the NC Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) management.

“We so appreciate the enormous friendliness and energy of the staff. The interaction with the clients is delightful to watch.”
- Parent